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Professional Endorsements

"The Olive Range, and more recently the Tebe Range, have both been very popular personal purchase and year round gift items- not only because production is local but also because of their very high quality. We find orders are dispatched promptly and with accuracy- I do not recall shortages or delays for any of the many fast selling lines. I personally find the Tebe Shower Gel to be so popular I have to hide it from others in our household."

  - Gary Logan, MPS, NZ.

“[W]e have found the products to be very appealing to our clients being of good quality, appealing packaging and reasonable price, our clients keep coming back for more. Infact Tebe products are our biggest seller in our range of hand and body products and we stock over ten different ranges. On a staff and support level, Simunovich have been excellent. We would happily recommended Simunovich’s Tebe and Olive range to any potential client”

Sherri and Andrew Cosford, Directors of Ngatea Pharmacy, NZ.

“Olive leaf extract is particularly high in antioxidants and antiviral agents and is a beautiful addition to any natural skin care range. As a Naturopath, I fully understand the huge importance of olive leaf extract and the idea of having every day skin care with this ingredient, is very exciting indeed.”

  - Dr. Enid Taylor, Naturopath, Taymount Limited, UK.

"As a dermatologist I am always on the look out for Skin care products for my patients, which will effectively cater to their needs, whilst remaining free of unwanted side effects."

"The Tebe Skincare range of products produced by Simunovich Olive Estate is one which I am completely happy to endorse. It tastefully combines an all-natural New Zealand green philosophy with a European feel of style and luxury."

"Allergens and irritants common in many skincare ranges have been eliminated without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the product and the medical benefits of the core ingredients of extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract are well documented."

"This is a truly exciting range of products."

  - Dr Mark Gray, Dermatologist, Skin Institute Limited.


Customer Feedback

To All the kind staff of Olive Oil

 I would like to thank you for the most wonderful hamper jam packed full of gorgeous products which I have just received.I have been away for the whole month of March (back with family in the UK) and on my return I was greeted by this huge hamper that I had won from Bishopdale Chemist in a draw for buying any 2 olive oil products.  What a wonderful surprise and a real welcome home for me. I absolutely LOVE all your products and would always recommend them to anyone.  They always make wonderful gifts to take overseas too because on all your products it is stated MADE IN NEW ZEALAND.

I never actually knew where they were made, but included in the hamper were the books about your product and your Simunovich Olive Estate.  The next time I am in Auckland I must remember to take the time to come out and see you. Now, I am going to start using all these other products that I have never treated myself to like the foot cream and eye ointment, etc.  So a big thank you again and maybe you could forward this onto the pharmacy for me too.  I do hope to call in one day soon to say thanks personally for making this prize possible.

   - Jessie Suckling, 6/05/2011

I have received the 10ml sample of Baby Moisture Milk and have been using it for the past couple of days. My baby's face appears to be better than when I used QV cream, so thanks for this awesome product, which we will be buying for our baby. =)

  - Yee Mien, 17/02/2011


 Thank you so very much for your generosity and kindness.  I will use it with pleasure and be back to order more product once I work my way through what I have.  I do not use anything else - we are like the House of Olive here!

 I must tell you that my husband suffers badly from psoriasis.  His legs have always been a dried up mess of spots and rashes.  After many years of telling him to put cream on his legs and arms but getting lots of resistance, he is finally doing it and putting on the Olive Body Lotion each day.  The skin on his legs has cleared up and has never been better.  He is still a real bloke, but realises that there are huge benefits to putting this superior and healthy product on his body.  I also believe it is so important that there are no parabens as he is highly allergic to anything with paraben in it.  Thank you Branka for your drive and passion in creating these products.

  - Phillipa, 03/02/2011

I’m a happy customer of your Simunovich Olive Body Care products and I truly appreciate having found a product that really delivers better results over other brands.  I’m 34 years old of Asian descent and I have never come across a product such as yours that worked marvellous for me.  Before discovering Simunovich, my skin has been perpetually dry and at times, flaky, whether it be in tropical or winter weather.  I came across your product at an NZ Fashion Week event last year and have since then, been purchasing your soaps, face mist, bubble bath and day/night cream.

  - Lourence, 10/10/2010


I have extremely dry skin that peels in the cold weather and tends to crack. Plus I am on Cardiac meds which tends to dry my skin even more. I had a soak in the bath with the bubble bath HEAVEN. Then I sprayed my face with the facial spray and put on the day cream as I didnt get the night cream. I felt INSTANTLY the difference. I feel 20 years younger and friends have commented on the change. I have told everyone about these delicious products. I havent been too well lately and this is the boost that I needed. Thank you so much for making these products. I am hooked. I have sold cosmetics and skin care for most of my life and have NEVER seen,felt or used anything as good as these. I will continue to tell people about them and use them myself. Thank you again.

  - Bindi, 9/9/2010


At the Food & Wine show you gave my 12 year old son a couple of little tubes of Tebe Body moisturising milk to trial.  His hands in winter dry out, crack and even bleed which has been an ongoing problem.  I was a little sceptical as we have tried many products.  However, he used the first tube for approx 2 weeks (maybe not every night) and his hands improved so much he stopped using it. Then approx.  two weeks later his hands got sore so he started using the cream again.  He has now finished the second little tube and his hands have healed, so he has asked me to get more of this cream as it has helped so much.

  - Jill, 31/8/2010

I visited your stall at the recent Food Show in Auckland and you very kindly provided me with the Hand Flowing Soap and various samples. Just reporting back, I have pretty sensitive skin and have found the products to be really lovely. They do not irritate my dermatitis, and I can use them when I have a “flare up”. I really like the feel of them, and the lovely perfume they have. So thank you very much for the soap and samples – I’ll be sure to be using them in the future.

  - Erin 27/8/2010


After trying out the Olive shampoo and conditioner I can honestly put my hand on my heart and says that I have tried everything and nothing ever worked since test trying out your product I feel like my hair has that special bounce and shine it really does shine even after the first wash.  I was truly amazed and love it so much I have curly dry life-less hair but after washing my hair with your product it made a huge difference and the glow of my hair was very healthy.

I have purchase the oils Virgin Oil / Lemon infused and the garlic infused and love it I will never use another oil on my meat, fish, chicken, pork and or salads again NOTHING BEATS [Simunovich Estate] range.

  - LeToya  28/07/2010


My hair loves this product! [Olive Shampoo] Great results. Together with the conditioner, it leaves my hair soft and shiny with good body. It doesn't irritate my skin like some shampoos/conditioner do. The shampoo lathers well. I also feel good about using a product made with natural ingredients.

  - Kirsten, Feb 5, 2010